Joining Variant: pseudotheos

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Variant as an investment partner focusing on infrastructure. I’ll be working alongside Jesse, Spencer, Li, Medha, Derek, Geoff, and the rest of the growing team.

Since my introduction to the crypto ecosystem in 2013 through BitcoinTalk, I have watched this space evolve from a series of ideas to what we’re seeing today: the beginning of an actual on-chain world. My role has usually been a researcher and explainer, helping others understand the nuances of the bleeding edge in crypto, from zero-knowledge and monolithic vs modular to EIP-4844 and rollup fees. I’m excited to both leverage this knowledge and also deepen my relationships on the ground with developers, researchers, and the broader crypto community.

As I get started, two things are top of mind. First, the Ownership Economy cannot be built on a weak foundation, and quality infrastructure is an often-overlooked piece of building projects in this space. Secondly, it must continue to adhere to the foundational aspects of decentralization, trustlessness, self-sovereignty, and governance through distributed systems.

There are a few reasons why I joined Variant in particular.

The first is phase. Variant supports projects from Day 0, and I have a special passion for helping founders work through the difficult questions that emerge at the very beginning. The second is scope. Variant focuses on strengthening the entire ecosystem by investing in the full stack across the DeFi, infrastructure, and consumer landscape. Investing with this wider angle and bringing in lots of different voices allows us to support founders even more.

And lastly: Variant is truly a collection of independent thinkers. So, beyond collaborating closely with some of the most knowledgeable people in the space, I can remain true to my original views and perspectives. My ethos, conviction, and participation in the research and broader crypto community will not change.

In the months to come, I’ll be investing in all parts of the infrastructure stack: oracles, rollups, execution layers, data availability solutions, bridges, ZK tech, and more. If you’re working on something innovative, reach out via Twitter DM or to my email at [email protected].