Medha Kothari

Investment Partner

Medha is an Investment Research Partner at Variant. She started her career in crypto in 2017, when she learned about the space through being a part of Blockchain @ Berkeley. Since then, she’s contributed to the space primarily as a software engineer, jumping around different early projects until settling in the Celo ecosystem. There, she worked on Dev tools for the L1, such s smart contract SDK and validator CLIs. On the evenings and weekends she also runs she256, a 501c3 she co-founded in 2018 that aims to increase diversity in the crypto space. Through that, she works on a number of different initiatives around mentorship, community-building, and education. In 2021, she helped launch an investment DAO called Komorebi, which invests seed capital into female and non-binary crypto founders. For fun, Medha loves dancing, painting/crafting, meeting people, listening to new music, traveling, nature, and generally having a fun time!