The Blockchain-Based Global Supercomputer

Originally published on Twitter on November 1, 2021

From a bird’s eye view, blockchains are giving rise to a global supercomputer via a fabric of decentralized networks. 

  • CPU: Ethereum, Solana
  • Disk: Arweave
  • Database: Ceramic, The Graph
  • LAN: Helium

Developers like building on this virtual computer because it is credibly neutral and its data is permissionless and composable. 

Users like using this computer because they can own the products they use — meaning they’re economically aligned with the product’s success and (often emotionally) connected with a community of others in the same boat, an economic social network and internet society. 

All the component parts of modern computers will become part of this supercomputing fabric and the combinatorial innovation between them will be exciting. 

What are other examples? 

  • GPUs: Livepeer
  • GPS: TBD
  • Cameras: TBD
  • TBD

If you’re interested in analyzing these types of networks, we’re hiring


Originally published on Twitter on November 1, 2021